From the time of our free consultation I am committed to providing you and your partner compassionate care and professionalism to give you the confidence in choosing me as your doula. Hiring me as your doula would include the services listed below:


  • Provide at least 2 prenatal visits to assist in the preparation of your desired birth

  • Access to prompt phone, text & email support

  • Encourage you and your partner to be active participants in your care by providing complete access to information and resources

  • Provide continuous physical and emotional support through labor and delivery.

  • Provide post-birth care, postpartum follow-up visits and communication

If you have further questions about the services provided, please contact me so that I may answer them.

As a Doula, I  Do NOT:
  • Perform any clinical tasks

  • Make Decisions for you

  • Project any of my own beliefs onto your experience

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Gracie DelMar

Professional Birthing Doula

INNATE Postpartum Care Certified Provider